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Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Face of the Alien King

The Face of the Alien King

Once upon a time there was a young rich girl named Ashley. She had a great interest in astronomy. One day she asks her father to take her to space in her rainbow rocket. While travelling she saw an orangish red colored a planet which had markings that looked like a man’s face. She understood that the planet was not yet discovered because she had never seen it in her planets chart. She asked her father to land immediately.

When they landed they saw aliens! They had 2 antennas, long eyes, star shaped nose and a tiny smiling mouth. They were delighted to have visitors come over to their planet. They asked one of the aliens to get something. The alien came back carrying something on a tray which they gave to Ashley. It looked like a fruit punch but tasted like coke (Even aliens drink coke!). But, she could sniff out something wrong. She found herself talking with the aliens. But can she talk in their language? That’s when she realized that the drink could help her speak alienese.

As she sat trying to get used to the idea of being with aliens and speaking alienese, she saw the king and queen of the planet.  She recognized that the face of the king of the aliens was exactly like the markings on the planet. They started speaking to her and asking many questions. She realized that whichever planet one lives in, elders ask the same questions, except for one question in this case “Which planet are you from?”

Monday, 14 May 2012

- Tushita & Zia

Using complex structures
Strolling across the road, I saw a mummy

*   Taking of my shoes, going for a bath, I remembered that I had millions of homework to do.

*   Working on the laptop, I wondered what was for lunch.

*   Swimming in the pool, I felt fresh.

*   Cleaning my bedroom, I had a call, of going to a party.

*   Opening my presents, I tripped over my skateboard.

*   Fighting with my friends, I got a headache.

*   Waking with my friend, I saw a planet called Pluto.


Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Awkward Dream

My awkward dream, was really scary -- sort of but, fun too. It was really adventurous.

It was a cold, dark night. The thunder was rolling and rumbling. " Oh! mighty Zeus is angry again!" I didn't like these kind of nights but then, it was time for an adventure. I started to look at my surroundings. I suddenly got a glimpse of an American flag. Next to it was a billboard that read "New York-Empire State Building. LOOK UP."

I looked up and I saw the building but I saw something else too. Above the building was a great big gap and there was a huge platform kind of a thing and I guessed what it was immediately, MOUNT OLYMPUS! The place where the Greek gods live. But, I wondered how I could see it and others not. It might either be that I could see through the mist or that I was a demi-god. I choose the first option because, being a demigod is harder than you think. You get attacked by monsters every time, if you're out of camp half-blood's magical borders.

Newspaper Report Hyderabad Summer

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Charlotte's Web-E.B. WHite

Poem "Snort-Snort!"- Wilbur

Wilbur the pig. born as a runt
Slaughtered by someone, he shan't.

Brough up by Fern for a month,
Careful not to be a hunt.

Carried to a farm in a jeep,
For company only cow, goat, geese and sheep.

Till Christmas he'll be well fed,
Then chopped up to ham and bacon dead.

A spider saves his poor soul,
From getting barbecued on coal.

Weaves words on her web, in a manner which is logical,
But dumb humans think it's magical.

Monday, 30 April 2012

When Santa fell to Earth - Corneilus Funke

Everybody thinks a Santa is a stout, old, chubby man with a long snow white beard and a stomach that sticks out, but no. Have you ever imagined a Santa who is thin and young about... 18? Have you heard about the Christmas story? Of course you did, about Jesus remember? But have you ever heard about the “SANTA” story? No?! Not a “SANTA” story! There is no such thing. Everyone knows that right? N O! This is how it goes:

There’s this Santa whose name is Niklas Goodfellow. He lives up to his name (Goodfellow)! Anyway he has all the things the children who believe in Santa’s do. Like,

2 tiny angels about THIS size (4 inches)

And about a hundred elves THIS size. (2 inches)

The angels are 2 very kind-hearted couples, Matilda and Emmanuel. But, the elves so many that even poor Niklas couldn’t remember their names. He could mostly remember the naughty and the grumpy ones names like Specklebeard, Gingerbeard, Rufflebeard, Coalbeard, Goatbeard, Firebeard, Fuzzbeard (weird names) etc. and so on. So, they fall to Earth as there was a thunder and rain storm. Very few things survived the crash but, not Matilda’s favourite angel china dish. She was weeping badly but, Niklas reminded her that anything made in heaven grows back if broken. Then she felt comforted because. She thought Niklas is the kindest there is.
Soon people started observing the caravan. Bill who talked the least was walking down the lane to his school. His school was not that far away. He was walking with his best friend Will and came across Dean who is the class math whizz. Bill was not at all good at studies nor was he good at talking. But, when it came to sports and P.E he was the best. So, Dean greeted him the same usual way ‘Hey Pea-Brain! What sup?’  And Bill’s usual answer ‘The sky!’ Then dean challenged him to a deal saying if he knocked on that door and got an answer he would let Bill copy the math test and Bill agreed. As soon as he got an answer he fled off to his school. Soon after a few days he felt more confident and he went back to the caravan. After seating himself properly and drinking some hot chocolate he started enquiring and came to the question: What’s the Santa story? Now if you want to know about it please read the book.

I found the book very adventurous and I love adventure stories. I have never read any book like this. Have you? But it is a pretty good book.                                                                                                                                                   

Recount Writing on the Week that went by

The week was fun. We did many activities in all our subjects.
UOI- In this we did an activity which included using potatoes, straws, strainer,etc. We did the activity to understand how uor digestive system works. We used grated and chunks of potato as the food, the straw was the esophagus, the large strainer our small intestines and the smaller strainer the large intestine.

We also worked in pairs to make posters about the diseases we can catch if our digestive or our respiratory system does not work/function properly. The final result of our work were fantastic posters, which was very colourful as well as informative.

P.E.- On Monday we were divided in 3 groups that were shuttle run, hurdles race and skipping. Then as soon as we finished one of them we would procced to the next station. The rest of the week it was very hot outside so, we did skipping outdoors. We wod count how many skips we did in 5 minutes. But, on the last day we had a competion on who does the most skips in 4 minutes.

ENGLISH-We learnt about chronological writing and wrote many essays to practice it. We even watched a video of Tom and Jerry and wrote about it chronologically.

HINDI- The whole week we learnt about the different adjectives and wrote definitions and examples for them.

MATHS-We created 3 word problems. We normally find it boring but, Ms. Archana made it interesting.